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Reflex | Door handles with Swarovski? crystals

The Reflex collection of handles for doors and windows, embellished with Swarovski? crystals is, after many years since its launch, one of the most copied in the world.

Its modern and contemporary line, which fits in easily with all types of surroundings, has in fact been copied right down to the smallest detail.

The original handle, however, remains inimitable and easily recognizable thanks to the harmonious proportions and cut of the crystals, which are strictly original Swarovski? crystals, designed specifically to enhance the reflections.

So, despite the passage of time, Reflex continues to shine even brighter.

The Reflex collection by Linea Cal? is composed of the following articles:

    handle with and without rose
    handle with plate
    handle for window
    pull knob
    knob with rose
    pull handle
    coat hooks

The available finishes are:

    polished chrome
    satin chrome
    gold plated

Reflex: the particular cut of the original Swarovski? crystals, designed to enhance the reflections, make this collection one of the most copied in the world.