Shell Mesh
Satin chrome
Shell Mesh | Door handles with Swarovski? crystals

Due to the success of the very original Shell-Mesh collection, it has been enriched with two new models: a large handle and a door knob.

The first is characterised by a particular form that resembles the very rare shell “Ebala Gracillima”, discovered in 1869 by De Folin in the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia). A large Swarovski? crystal set in the upper part reflects the colour of the finish, which is also available in gold, whereas a strand of crystals is wrapped around it making it shine in its own light.

The door knob, on the other hand, has the form of another rare shell: the “Lurifax Vitreus”, discovered recently by War?n & Boucet in the central Tyrrhenian sea. The new door knob is characterised by a jutting tip with a precious Swarovski? crystal, that “illuminates” the forms and makes it even more precious

The Shell-Mesh collection by Linea Cal? is available in the following finishes:

    Polished chrome
    Satin chrome

Shell Mesh: like a jewel from an old treasure chest found on a desert island, embellished with a torchon of original Swarovski? crystals.

 Polished chrome
Gold plated
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